Mission Statement

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To be the standard of tax preparation for individuals and small businesses by ensuring the highest levels of accuracy and tax law knowledge.  We provide accurate preparation (often within 24 hours), affordable rates (usually below the average cost for the region), and personalized customer service.


What You Can Expect

At All County Tax Services, LLC, we don’t just input numbers into a program and file your return in less than an hour.  We prefer to input your information, review it, close it for a few hours, and then review it again for accuracy.  We spend a significant amount of time during the year upgrading and updating our level of knowledge to provide better services to our clients in the areas of tax preparation, tax planning, and tax resolution strategies.  We ask you questions to get to know you and your business to ensure that we have all your information, and then fight for every legitimate deduction.  We provide guidance during the preparation of your return, and keep you in the loop for changes during the year to help minimize your chances of an audit.  We believe in taking a complete approach to your tax management, focusing on you, your family, and your business to help you achieve your goals. 

  • Peace of mind knowing that your return was completed by an Enrolled Agent who is required to complete at least 30 hours of training per year.  An Enrolled Agents complete extensive testing to become licensed, and are the only federally licensed tax practitioners who have unlimited rights to practice before the IRS.  IWehave a network of experts and other resources at our disposal for answers to questions we don’t know. 
  • Locally owned, and available all year.  We often receive calls well after normal business hours, and am happy to set up a more convenient time for both of us to talk to get the best understanding of your situation as possible.
  • Convenience of appointments available in your home with free pick-up and drop-off service or in our neighborhood-based office.

Areas of Focus

  • ACCURACY –  With the information that you provide, your return will be accurate, or we correct it for FREE!
  • AFFORDABILITY –  our rates are usually below regional averages.  If we prepare your business return and your personal return, we provide package discounts. If you can’t afford to pay me in a lump sum, we sre usually willing to work with you on a payment plan with signed permission to pull funds from your account, charge your credit card, or predated checks. 
  • QUICK TURNAROUND – Your personal returns are completed as fast as possible, often within 72 hours. Business returns are usually completed within a week if all your paperwork is in order. There are often times when this turnaround is not possible (i.e. client needs to provide new forms, or its the busy season, and we have a line already formed), but we will work diligently to complete your in the shortest turnaround possible.  
  • PLANNING –  We have many plans available to help you re-evaluate your tax situation throughout the year.
  • PERSONABLE –  we are your neighborhood tax professional, and treat everyone with respect.  We shake your hand and look you in the eye when we meet.  We make you feel at home and talk as if we were old friends while maintaining a professional appearance and attitude.
  • EFFICIENT –  If you cannot travel, we can meet you at your home or place of business, pick up your documents, and return them to you when I’m done.  If you prefer, we can work remotely.  After we meet via phone, Skype, or FaceTime, we can set up a secure folder on our secure portal for you to upload your documents, prepare your returns, and upload your completed return to your secure folder.     
  • INTEGRITY – Our definition of integrity is “doing the right thing even when no one is looking”.  We conduct our business with integrity. We only do what we can do, and if something is out of our realm of expertise, we will refer you to someone we trust who has that expertise.  We won’t lie to you or try to tell you we can do something we can’t legally do.   We will fight for every legal deduction so that you only pay your fair share of taxes.