Strategic Planning

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Our Strategic Mission:

Helping Small to Midsize businesses realize that growth starts from within the organization, and success starts with a good strategic plan and is carried out with good execution.

Mr. Cross’ degree in accounting help him to analyze and understand the numbers behind the financials. What makes us unique is that he started over 30 years ago in the Navy Nuclear Power Program. He progressed from his “hands on the tools” in power plants to writing procedures for operations, manufacturing, maintenance, and repairs to managing very successful, continuously improving teams for the last 20 years. His certifications in the Lean Six Sigma program further set him apart as a Continuous Improvement Specialist.


Developing the Strategic Plan: Assessing and Designing

You need to know where you are now compared to where you want to be and how you are going to get there.

We help business leaders by reviewing financials, operations, leadership personnel, brand, and value. Using various strategic models, we guide you through the planning process by setting goals and developing Key Performance Indicators, and then help set the priorities and accountabilities.


After we build the plan and on an ongoing basis, we monitor your Key Performance Indicators and help your organization troubleshoot problems with your operations and procedures. We ensure that your processes and operations continuously improve to be more streamlined and efficient by eliminating waste, and help your organization stay laser focused.


While measuring the numbers behind the business is a major step to growing from within, not everything shows up in them. Without the team buy in, our best strategic plans will go to waste. We help executives and leaders build laser focused and strategic teams. Quite often it is the most junior members of the team who have some of the most brilliant improvement ideas.